The Carver skate is one of the best ways to improve your surfing technique out of the water, and if you are going to start surfing it will be of great help to improve your level quickly as it will help you to be familiar with the basic movements, it’s an excellent training tool that can also help you improve your technique, your movements, balance and coordination.

The relationship between the carver and surfing is very close so it always brings benefits to your surf, let’s see some of them:



The position we need to adopt in the skate carver is very similar to what we need in surfing, from the position of the feet and the inclination of the body to the extension of the knees, all this will help you to stand up when you are on the water.



The movements that you learn in the skate carver are very similar to the movements you will make in the water, the same muscles and the same areas of the brain will come into play, so the movements will come out spontaneously.



While it’s true that we all like to see each other well many times when we see ourselves on video we realize that we did not look like we thought about the waves, so you will have much more time to improve your own carver style than when you are in the waves since they last only a few instants.



When we see experienced surfers we see the way they twist their movements with turns and other maneuvers as something simple, but when we surf we notice that it is not so simple, and thanks to the skate carver you will learn to chain a maneuver quickly with another movement and as consequence when you are on a wave you will make the most of it.



Surfing is a very difficult sport since you have to always keep in mind the technique, the posture, the knowledge and especially the experience that you will learn thanks to trial and error, and at that moment the carver skate comes into play as it will teach you to be attentive to each of those vital aspects of surfing.


You will recognize the ideal moments.

To be a good surfer you must learn to recognize the right moment to perform a movement or acrobatics, of course water is an element that is in constant movement, but you will learn to find the right inclination to make a movement no matter if you are in a ramp or on a wave.



The posture will influence greatly when you are in the water, and once you are familiar with the posture it will be very easy to make a transition from the asphalt to the water, and when you are on the wave you will take a good posture almost automatically.


Of course, the water and the asphalt or a ramp are totally different, but as we mentioned earlier with the skate carver you will learn basic movements of surfing and this will help you to progress quickly and easily, without any doubt you will have many benefits.