Fuerteventura is a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic and a dream destination that allure hundreds of tourists every year and in the case of surfers is no an exception, it’s even one of the most famous places to surf in Europe so it is called the “European Hawaii”.

If you are thinking about surfing in Fuerteventura this article is for you!!


When you arrive to Fuerteventura you will be very well received by each of its inhabitants, they will always welcome you with a “Good morning!” Or with a friendly smile, there is always an excellent climate and the water temperature in most cases is between 20° and 23° C, what will leave you enchanted, all this without mentioning the incredible gastronomy, choosing each dish will be a complicated decision because each flavor is unique and charming.


An immense variety of options awaits you, there is always good weather, sunny days and there are always waves that make them perfect for surfing, when you are not in the waves you can go for a walk, know the history that each town hides, know the volcanoes or walk through its mountains.


When the time comes to surf you will have a wide variety of options, and the best thing is that regardless of your level of surfing there will always be a beach that suits your needs, no matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced in Fuerteventura you will find from waves of foam in which children can learn up to world-class waves, and you will be safe both inside and outside the water.


And not to mention the attractiveness of its beaches, there is something for everyone, black sand, golden or white, quiet beaches or waves, you can find a variety of places where you can surf in the wonderful crystal clear waters of Fuerteventura.


To end the day with a ‘flourish’, you can visit a bar and talk about the experiences of the waves with other surfers, and here the surfer atmosphere never ends.


So in short, it does not matter if you are a beginner and want to learn to surf or if you are looking for a spot for advanced surfers, you will find everything in Fuerteventura, here you will live unforgettable adventures while surfing dreamy waves in a beautiful and captivating natural paradise, we are sure that once you visit Fuerteventura you will be delighted.

You don’t need more reasons, you just have to come to Fuerteventura!!!


📸Photo credit: Fabiana Lovato