Kelly Slater mentioned that “surfing is like the mafia, once you’re inside, there’s no way out”, and he was absolutely right because in surfing a lot of hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin are released. So these feelings of satisfaction, happiness and pleasure will make you want to stay in the sea more and more to enjoy it to the fullest.

Despite what we have already mentioned, the question remains, why surfing is such an addictive activity?

Let’s see 7 reasons…

1. The best sensations

In surfing everything is amazing, from feeling the sun on your skin to enjoying the sea breeze and everything without mentioning when a wave approaches and you reach the top of it, in that moment you will feel an adrenaline shot that will fill your body of energy, all these sensations will make you want to be in the sea more and more!


2. Each wave is unique

All the waves are different, so each one will give you different sensations, some will cause emotion, others fear, others happiness, others will make you feel alive, others will show you how weak you can be, but what is certain is that each wave will be for you like writing a unique and personal story.

3. It is a personal challenge

You will be forced to surf every day better, it does not matter if you have only 1 day of experience or you are already an advanced surfer, you will always seek to improve yourself and although in surfing there are competitions, the real competition will be with yourself and with the sea.

4. Love

It is said that love is the key to everything and when you surf you get to love the waves and the connection you feel with the sea and nature.
When you love the sea there is nothing that can separate you from it.

5. Connection with the sea

This is another of the most striking and addictive aspects of surfing because when you surf you get to have a real connection with the sea and understand their movements, you will also leave all the negative of this world aside and you will concentrate on energy, confidence and motivation that the sea transmits to you. It will be like a kind of meditation since you will need to be focused and with a clear mind to keep yourself on your board.

6. An explosion of dopamine

Dopamine is known as the hormone of happiness, it gives us pleasure, regulates attention and gives us the motivation to work on long-term goals, so it becomes very easy to engage in activities that release dopamine.

And in surfing you will release many of these hormones in different situations so that you will not only feel great pleasure in practicing it, but you will want to be in the waves more and more!

7. Improve your daily life

In surfing you will learn to overcome your fears, you will have more confidence in yourself and you will feel prepared to face new challenges, the fact of realizing that you can achieve things that seemed impossible will improve your self-esteem, and if that were not enough, you will maintain a good physical state in general, you will put aside the stress and you will pay attention to what is really important in life!

For these reasons and for many more, surfing turns out to be such an addictive sport, but we all agree that it is a completely healthy addiction and that it can improve your life in a significant way, so give to the surf and the sea the opportunity to connect and give you emotions and sensations that you never had! Choose your surf course by clicking here and start a new adventure. And if you have experience, you can go for the intermediate course or surf coaching and improve your surf!