When we talk about the best places to surf, we don’t just look for the best waves, but also the cozy places where you can spend the night, friendly people with the good vibes that we love, good food, lots of nightlife and a variety of activities to do while we aren’t in the waves.

In this article, we will show you some of the most wonderful places where you can surf and where you can live, without a doubt, some of the best surfing experiences of your life!


Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain.

We start this list with Fuerteventura and it’s because our island has the ideal conditions to surf practically all year round, in addition, you can choose the beach that best suits your needs and level of surfing, not to mention its nice people, its unique gastronomy and the great variety of activities that you will have at your disposal.


Bali, Indonesia.

This island has a lot of charm, if you plan to travel to this place you must prepare yourself to see some impressive waves and in case you want to leave the waves aside and go for a walk you will also have a wide variety of options.


Taghazout, Morocco.

It can be said that this is an oasis for any surfer, located between a coastline full of waves, the waves always have good shape and strength, even here are some of the best waves, which as surfers say there are freight trains!


Cantabria, Spain.

This is one of the places that were the pioneers of surfing in Spain, and has the conditions for surfers of any level, whether you want to start surfing or you are looking for a world-class wave.


Florianópolis, Brazil.

42 beaches of all levels, from rookie-friendly beaches to perfect beaches for professional competitions, if you plan to come here, get ready for the nightlife in an unbeatable environment, surfers usually meet in restaurants to discuss their experiences!


Oahu, Hawaii.

We could not finish this list without including Hawaii, and it’s because any experienced surfer wishes to surf these waves of international level, the great swells of winter coming from the North Pacific and form these spectacular waves.