Knowing how to surf waves is not enough to be a surfer, to be able to say that you are a surfer you must feel love for the sea, you must live according to this lifestyle, but above all, you must do these things:

Respect the rules and your classmates.

Surfing is characterized by good energy and by the love that exists among those who practice it, and that is why we will now talk about respect of rules and other surfers, we all agree that regardless of the number of surfers who are in the water next to you, you must be respectful.

If you skipped a wave or if you hit someone accidentally apologizes, if there is someone who has not managed to take your first wave, give him an opportunity, after all, in the waves we are all the same and we must always be ready to help.

Never lose the emotion of the beginning.

If you keep that emotion at the beginning you will want to continue living new experiences and adventures, you will travel, you will try different surfboards and waves, you will visit some Surf Camp in which you will share with people who have your same passion for the sea and will surely surf in the same places as you.

Surfing is an exciting sport and one that never stops learning, so try everything you can and in this way it will not become a monotonous activity.

Know your limits and be humble.

Knowing your limits means respecting yourself before anything else. Being humble means never underestimating the conditions of the sea and, at the same time, thanks to a little self-criticism, always questioning your level. These are mandatory steps in order to improve your level. Being humble means more progression and more fun.

Make a tube.

From that moment in which you manage to stand up and catch the wave everything changes, you just want more of that emotion and that adrenaline, and you will feel it to the fullest when you manage to make a tube.

Nothing compares to that sensation of pleasure and well-being when being inside a tube of crystalline water, for this reason it is the most used maneuver and the favorite of surfers!

Take a surf trip.

As we said in a recent articleto be a surfer you have to pack your bags and start to live adventures, we are sure that there is no better feeling than going to sleep looking at a beautiful starry sky and then enjoy of a beautiful sunrise, or wake up to the sound of the waves of the sea!

For your surf trip you put the limits.

Take care of beaches and oceans.

The sea is one of the ecosystems that are most affected by pollution, and surfers spend a lot of time on the beaches so this affects us directly; A true surfer takes care of the beaches he is on, either by picking up some trash or taking care not to leave anything that contaminates the beaches.

It is vitally important that surfers engage with the sea and be a guardian to help maintain the environment.

Save a life.

It is said that there is more happiness in giving than in receiving, and that is no more true than when you help save a life, it does not matter if it is someone who is in danger of drowning or a simple turtle that has become stuck in a network of fishing, helping others will always give you satisfaction.

With this in mind it is time to go to enjoy the sea and nature, to share with other surfers, to try different waves, different boards, to travel, to help as many as you can but without forgetting to have fun and enjoy every moment that you pass in the water!