If you are reading this article it is very likely that you are a water sports lover  and wanting to pass on that passion to your child surely the question arose: What is the best age to start surfing?

Well in this article you will find the answer to that and other questions.

How to start children in surfing.

In many cases it happens that, although the parents are passionate about surfing and love the waves, the children don’t get as excited as the parents expected, it’s very important that they don’t pressure or force the children, rather, the parents should serve as bridge between children and water.
One of the ways in which they can start is with a paddle board, in a familiar and fun atmosphere the child can be seated or lying on the board (always with the supervision of the parents) and the fact of seeing the small waves and to live new experiences in the water will make him move and develop that love for the sea.

It’s important that children see each day in the waves as a fun, different day and full of new adventures, because in this way they will feel more excited to return to the water.

Games and Surf

We know that for children practically everything is a game, that is why if we take advantage of it we can make them have the same passion for the sea as we do, we also have to take into account that everyone learns at their level, but as playing on the beach with small waves on the shore will take more confidence and you will lose the fear of tumbling, also, being accompanied by their parents will take confidence faster.

At what age can you start?

As we mentioned earlier, each children learns at a different pace and according to their abilities and abilities.

Can they do it before 4 years? Yes, but always in a supervised environment, taking care of falls or accidents, through games they can start using their motor skills and become familiar with the environment.

Children approximately from 4 to 7 years old develop and improve their motor skills, they already have enough balance to go on one foot, or ride a bicycle, in addition to other skills such as being faster or having better coordination, so that in a safe environment they can begin to become familiar with the sea and the waves.

From 8 to 9 years old. At this age they already have enough motor skills and surfing skills in normal conditions.

From 10 to 12 years old children develop specific skills such as improving endurance, increasing strength, flexibility and have much more control of their body and their movements on the waves.

After 13 to 15 years old come important moments, and in this period begins the stage of puberty and it’s when children have greater motor maturity in this period is the one that best perfects every surfing technique.

Do not force them.

Many times children are forced to practice sports and this is why the child feels rejection instead of wanting to go to the water, it must be understood that each child has his rhythm, if the child does not want to enter the water, better not to force, but rather let it be the child himself who asks to enter the water when he feels ready.

Come to a surf school.

There is nothing better than letting the professionals guide and teach your children, since they are familiar with teaching each one according to their needs.
Our instructors know that the key for children to learn easily is through games, so children become familiar with water, leave fears in the sand and see surfing as a fun activity; There are different games for each type of children and each one will have the purpose of improving their balance, strength, flexibility, coordination and speed, always taking into account the age and abilities of each child.

Our team is ready to bring out the best in each child, to ensure that they have more confidence and an excellent link with the sea, know how to transmit the best advice on this sport and help them to realize their full potential on the board.

It should be noted that there are children who develop skills in surfing much faster than others, some will stop practicing and for others it can become a lifestyle, what we are sure of is that surfing is a fun sport with many benefits, both physical, mental and emotional, that will help your child!

Now the question is: Why do you wait so long to come to our classes?