If you have visited the Fuerteventura’s beaches you will surely have noticed some surfers riding the waves and it’s because the conditions of the island are perfect for surfing.

If you have the desire to practice this sport this article will be perfect for you, as we will talk about some important aspects that you should know before entering the sea and that will help you to be prepared!


The waves are not the same from the table.

Although from the sand it looks like a small wave, when you are in the table you will notice its strength and you will realize that in the blink of an eye they can wallow you to the shore.


The table is not what you expected.

Surely you expected a flat and thin board which you could carry around easily, but the reality is very different, since as a beginner you will have a large foam board which will allow you to have much more buoyancy and stability in the water, so in your first class you will not look like those surfers that you see on photos.


You must be patient.

No matter how much you want to catch the waves and follow the rhythm of your teammates or other surfers, it’s unlikely that in your first session you can do pirouettes, since you must learn to find the right moment to ride the wave, or simply put on foot.


Practice makes a master.

From standing on the board to making risky moves or slipping elegantly through the water is not an easy task, only thanks to the practice and constant training you can enjoy surfing to the fullest.


Know your limitations

If you are starting in surfing it’s vital that you follow the advice and instructions given by the instructors, and don’t try to keep up with the pace or maneuver of other surfers since you can put yourself or other surfers at risk.


Follow the advice.

Whether your instructors or other surfers, as these may indicate the safest place to practice or even some tricks that will be very helpful.


Be kind to others.

Surfing is a sport of good vibes so don’t forget to have a kind treatment with others, it costs nothing and is a way to make friends and even receive help from other more experienced surfers!


These are some points that you should keep in mind when you start surfing; We hope you put them into practice and have a great day in the waves!