Many of us are surprised to know that two seemingly different activities such as surfing and yoga may be related, but the truth is that yoga can bring a lot of benefits to surf, for this reason many professional surfers and Surf Schools include yoga sessions as part of the learning.

Now the question is: Why is yoga so beneficial for surfing? Let’s see the reasons:


Physical benefits


As for the physical benefits of yoga is that it will help you to be flexible, to keep your body in shape and to have an excellent balance, which is a fundamental aspect for surfing, also, thanks to the breathing exercises that you learn in the Yoga, can keep you calm and tension-free for when you’re on the board.


Mental benefits


When we talk about the mental benefits these are many, since the contact with nature is simply magical, the contact with the sea makes you feel connected with its incredible energy and majesty.


In surfing you need special attention to each of the things that surround you since water is an element that is constantly moving so if you are 100% focused, you can focus on what is happening and make the movements on the board easily and is something that thanks to yoga you can achieve!


Emotional benefits


Yoga works enormously on an emotional level, it will help you to be relaxed, calm and think clearly, it will help you to be prepared for situations that would normally frighten us and to control our emotions!


Spiritual benefits


And if that weren’t enough, yoga and surfing also have spiritual benefits, your relationship with your inner self will be improved, you will feel connected to the sea and nature, you will feel motivated to be better thanks to the energy of the ocean, you will learn to be thankful and appreciate every opportunity to be in the waves and learn to take care of each of the beaches you visit!!


In conclusion, yoga is an activity that can bring a lot of benefits, both, physical and mental as well as emotional and spiritual, if you add a yoga routine to the surf you will notice how it improves your balance, your posture and most important is that you will overcome your own fears and mental barriers!!