The end of the year is coming and many of you may have days off to celebrate these special dates. What you may not know is that the best way to celebrate them is….with a Christmas surf camp!

What is a surf camp?

It could literally be translated as a “camping for surfers” but of course it is much more. More than a vacation, it is an experience that allows you to disconnect from the daily routine through surfing while learning it or improving your level.

Reasons to choose a Christmas surf camp

1. It’s a perfect way to end the year

We will agree that 2020 has not made things easy for us, neither at the company level nor at the individual level. We have all made an effort, and continue to do so, to make the situation as acceptable as possible, but to end a year like this we deserve something more.

Having a Christmas surf camp will help us take a vacation and mentally disconnect from everything we’ve been carrying around since March, so maybe this year is the best time to join.

2. Come more relaxed to 2021

2020, due to COVID-19, was also the year of anxiety. Lockdowns, health stress and the economic situation have amplified this type of problem in an already stressed society.

Surfing has been proven to be a great therapy for anxiety and stress, so if you have those kind of problems, starting with a Christmas surf camp can only help you to arrive more relaxed in 2021. In fact, you might start considering this sport, or even any other, as an escape for the following year as a routine.

3. Learn something new

If you haven’t tried surfing yet, it is a great way to end the year learning something new, something that always helps us feel more fulfilled, especially after a long period of confinement.

This is the perfect time to start evaluating everything you have and what you can do or find out if you haven’t considered it before. Nobody is born taught and the worst that can happen is that you fall in love with an activity that is good for your body and mind.

4. Have fun with a group outdoor

The quarantine was tough in many ways and not being able to go out to enjoy the outdoors, and in the case of the surfers the sea, was very tough for everyone. Enjoying a Christmas surf camp will make you reconnect with nature and pure air we all need.

Sharing this experience in a group will also help us to have fun with our loved ones after the long periods of social isolation we have had to experience.

If on top of all this you are thinking about traveling to a place with nice people, good food, a wonderful climate and a unique natural environment, life pushes you to do it in Fuerteventura! A safe destination, with a perfect weather for activity all year round.

By choosing this adventure, you can count on experienced professional team, surf sessions with video analysis in order to improve your technique, an impressive atmosphere, transport included and many other services. What are you waiting for?! Join our surf school in Corralejo (Fuerteventura) this Christmas.

We look forward to having fun with you, teaching you everything we know and helping you so that, like many of those who have already visited us in the latter part of 2020, you can say goodbye to the year with a smile and a nice memory. We’re waiting for you!