Anxiety and stress are two of the most common ailments today. Due to the increase in these pathologies and to the study and search for new ways to combat them, surfing as a therapy is presented as an effective alternative to combat them.

In fact, people who suffer from this type of disease are often recommended to practice some sport, and surfing is one of those that has been gaining more importance over the years.

Surfing as a therapy: reasons why it helps

You can see several benefits of surfing as an anxiety and stress therapy and, of course, those are helping people around the world to improve their condition.

However, if you are suffering from the symptoms caused by this type of ailment, in addition to take advantage from the benefits of surfing, we also recommend that you go to a professional doctor. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and our mental health is very important for enjoying a healthy life.

1. Increase the levels of norepinephrine, endorphin and serotonin

One of the main benefits of surfing as a therapy is based on the chemicals substances that help our brain because, with the practice of this sport, your body release norepinephrine, serotonin and endorphins.

The first two elements mentioned make the body react better to stressful situations and endorphins, which are known as the happiness hormone, give us a feeling of well-being, and it is a natural analgesic.

2. Allow disconnection

Stress and anxiety are often accompanied by the inability to stop thinking about the situation that could be causing the problem and the related inability to not pay attention to the fact that we have anxiety symptoms.

When it comes to practicing this sport, our attention will focus on other problems, such as the position of our body or the observation of the ideal point for the next wave, so surfing as a therapy allow us to disconnect.

3. Help to improve sleep quality

Furthermore, physical exercise will release all the energy that we accumulate many times during the day, so after a day of surfing we will be relaxed but also tired and this will help us to reconcile the sleep in a better way.

Anxiety or stress disorders are also usually accompanied by insomnia, so enjoying prolonged sleep at night and quality sleep will allow us to face a new day from a better perspective.

4. Improve self-esteem

Let’s start from the base that to practice any sport you have to learn, and doing it little by little helps us to see how we can achieve certain goals. You must also be aware that on the first day you will not surf like a pro, but gradually and learning step by step you will find that surfing is one of the most exciting sports.

After a few days of surfing, when you are already able to stand on a wave, you will realize how far you have come and how far you could go. In addition, regular exercise also improves fitness and appearance, so it can also help you with your mood.

5. Establish new relationships

Establishing new relationships can also be a great way to get out of the routine and surfing can only help you in this regard. On the beach you will meet other surfers who will surely be willing to help you, especially in the first days, and with whom you can later share good moments at sea.

After all, surfing is a brotherly sport in which the good harmony between the surfers community is predominant in most cases and we are sure you will love it!

6. It is a natural therapy

The best thing about surfing as a therapy is that it is completely natural and you realize that your brain will also receive the chemicals necessary substances for a better functioning simply by practicing it regularly. This, combined with the good atmosphere and contact with nature, will help you with anxiety and stress.

If you want to learn this sport just for pleasure or if you think it can help you with anxiety or stress problems, in our school you can choose the surf course in Fuerteventura on that suits best your level, we will be happy to help you!