We have all noticed the good energy and the good vibes that revolve around surfing, and that is because those who practice it always leave the sea with a big smile on their face, this is because this sport brings with it an infinity of benefits for physical, mental and emotional health.

In this article we will show you some of the benefits that surfing will bring you in those 3 aspects.


Physical benefits

Surfing is an excellent help to stay in shape, it forces you to exercise your body completely, especially requires greater physical qualities in the upper body (back, chest, shoulders, abdomen and arms) which are very necessary to get into the sea, stand up and surf the waves.


No wonder that surfing is having such popularity and studies shows that its practice improves balance, coordination, increases flexibility, increases cardiorespiratory capacity, resistance and prevents cardiovascular diseases.


Mental benefits

Not only your body has benefits from surfing, it also plays an important role against problems such as depression, stress, anxiety and any mood disorder.


The fact of being outdoors and in continuous contact with nature will help you reduce tension and clear your mind, in addition surfers are usually nice people, open and willing to share with others.


Although surfing has not yet been formalized as a form of therapy, but it can play a very important role in the recovery of a mental problem.


Emotional benefits

Putting aside the routine and connect with the sea will help you to forget all the problems and feel more alive on the outside and inside, without a doubt, a lot of positive emotions will invade you.


Leaving your comfort zone will take you to experience new adventures, find a perfect balance between physical exercise and emotional wellbeing, in addition, you will feel renewed after a day of surfing and if that is not enough it will help you to use your mental skills to successfully perform your daily activities.


In short, surfing has a great influence on the social, emotional, physical and mental development of the people who practice it, improving their physical condition, providing emotional well-being and helping with mental health problems.




📸Photo credit: Fabiana Lovato